Gibraltar Software

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Gibraltar Software

Software options for the Gibraltar Network offer advanced configuring, scheduling and diagnostic capabilities.

X-Point Software

Windows® based system configuration software. Create signal definitions, salvos and logic switching configurations. Displays overall cross point matrix in selectable views,and includes diagnostics and maintenance tools.X-Point is used to easily configure or modify the system, but is not required for normal operation. Includes 16-port Ethernet switch for 3rd party and external communication to network.


PC-XY Software

This XY controller is installed on standard PCs connected to the Evolution Ethernet subnet. Provides source/destination control and can also access and take system salvos. Can be installed on multiple PCs with a site license.


Event Scheduler Software

Allows broadcasters to program router events to occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The software can make/break single cross points or multiple cross points, and fire relay closures or fire programmed salvos.


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