ReMIX - Remote App



In this video, Jay Tyler demonstrates how quick and easy it is to set up and use ReMIX.

ReMIX Remote Application

To enable quick and easy remotes, Wheatstone has the new ReMIX. It's a standalone WheatNet-IP Windows™ application that works with any Wheatstone BLADE to provide access to a utility mixer and SLIO logic in the BLADE. You can use it locally at a remote location and connect to a WheatNet-IP network anywhere via a VPN. Or, you can use your favorite remote-access software to run it at the studio from your remote location.

Setting up ReMIX is fast and easy. Using the BLADE setup in Navigator, simply assign the sources you want to the BLADE's utility mixer. Point ReMIX at the BLADE and you are done. All the sources pop up where they are supposed to be. SLIO buttons are equally easy to set up.

A software extension of the WheatNet-IP audio network, ReMIX provides an affordable, quick alternative to a physical home studio for remote broadcasting and voicetracking by remotely accessing existing equipment at the station.

With ReMIX on a home laptop or tablet, an existing WheatNet-IP audio network at the studio and an internet connection between the two, all facility resources such as codecs, hybrids, and playout systems, are remotely available to the home studio.    

ReMIX allows talent in home studios or other remote locations to access station sources and codecs, turn channels on or off, control levels, advance to the next track in the automation system and build mixes on the fly through one standalone mixing application. “ReMIX is proving to be a great little application for all our broadcasters who need to get talent up and operating from home quickly and securely,” said Jay Tyler, Director of Sales for Wheatstone.

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