PR&E NetWave™

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PR&E NetWave™

The NetWave™ has the features, operational flexibility and robust construction needed for standalone on-air and production operations in a small, desktop form factor.

While the  NetWave console is equally suited for on-air, voice tracking and production capabilities, the full potential is met when it is used as part of a VistaMax™ audio network — as demonstrated by its popularity in countless multi-station facilities worldwide. Not only is it a control surface, but it’s also a fully functional console in which both the four program buses and single offline bus have digital and analog outputs.

The NetWave system’s analog inputs can be optionally be increased with a 4X-A2D A to D converter. It can also be networked using any VistaMax audio management frame to other audio consoles and I/O Edge devices (VMQ+VMXP), adjusting up or down according to facility needs.

Comprehensive logic facilities, “heads-up” metering, and full compatibility with VistaMax audio management devices and software are among the many reasons why the NetWave console continues to be a popular choice among engineers, programmers, and on-air talent.

  • All-digital design to enable everything from program mixes to talkback channels
  • Four program buses and one offline bus, each with digital and analog outputs
  • Up to six (two standard) simultaneous telco/codec inputs, each supported by a mix-minus output with automatic online/offline switching
  • Includes control room and studio monitoring controls with built-in monitor muting
  • Two local external monitor inputs (either is routable when the console is linked)
  • Two inputs can be set for telco/codec with individual local mix-minus outputs
  • Dual-fader panels are hot-swappable without signal interruption
  • Three frame sizes for 8-, 16- or 24-input channels
  • Compact desktop design (NetWave-8 footprint is just 20 in. x 21 in.)
  • One analog, digital and logic I/O connector on each channel
  • Ability to distribute local sources and mixed outputs to the Flexiva VistaMax network and attach network sources to any fader in the console (with optional network activation)
  • Dual router option to upgrade dual fader panels and allow dynamic selection of Flexiva VistaMax network sources directly from the console
  • Ability to add dual fader panels to the NetWave-16/12 and 24/18
  • Heads-up meter assembly with two stereo bar graph meters: one dedicated to Program 1 and a second that is switchable to monitor other busses, digital clock and timer; meters can be set to display average with peak or average only; additional meters optional
  • Instant visual verification of bus levels with the dual meter display (quad display option kit available for NetWave-16/12 and 24/18)
  • In-line supply (NetWave-8 and -16); rackmount supply (NetWave-24)
  • Optional redundant power supply for continuous operation
  • When linked into a VMConnected Network digital audio network:
    • All bus signals and one input from each channel are VMConnected Network sources
    • Any A or B input can be a routed, a local analog or a local digital signal
    • Any dual-fader panel can be upgraded to add VMConnected Network source selection
    • Console can have up to six telco/codec faders with Link Plus option

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