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Our Swiss distributors were in town and as we were showing them around, Mario was shooting video with his phone. Before we knew it, he'd made this lovely little video about his experience on the tour. We think it captures where we live and where we work very nicely.


We design. We build. We make changes. We add features. We tweak. We push ourselves as fast and as hard as we can to bring our individual and collective vision to the industry. We see every day not as a finish line, but the day we strive to push the bar even higher through innovation.

We believe we make a difference in the broadcast world.

We have ideas - some of which become products, some of which become blueprints for the way forward. We look at the broadcast community every day and evaluate the way it works and the way we work in it, always with a single objective – to improve things – the ways we work – the audio we hear – the ways we interact.


The excitement of being able to share with the industry what we’ve been working on is our driving force. We pull out all the stops and make sure we’re presenting the latest technology in the best possible way so that you – our broadcast community – can partner with us to implement it all.

Our reward is seeing the difference we make. Next to customer acceptance, nothing’s better for a manufacturer’s self-esteem than being recognized as the Broadcast Audio Perfectionists we set out to be, and receiving accolades from the industry with a 'job well done!' 


The Wheatstone Project

Every studio project is a partnership of products, people, and purpose. 

Our products: Wheatstone makes more than 200 interconnected studio devices and AoIP elements, all engineered, manufactured, and supported under one roof in the U.S. 

Our people: We know broadcast and we know studios. Our sales engineers can design the most efficient studio facility that’s right for you. Our skilled factory specialists can deliver the product you need, when you need it, to meet critical project timelines. Our systems engineers can pre-configure and commission your system for hassle-free installation. And our support technicians can be there to help with any issues long after you’ve installed the last cable. 

We are all in, now and in the future. Wheatstone’s team of R&D engineers is leading in cloud innovation to deliver a more cost-effective, flexible broadcast operation. 

Our purpose: We’ve been a broadcast partner and studio equipment manufacturer for more than 40 years. Every inch of our factory and everything we do is for the betterment of radio and television operations. Today, there are Wheatstone studios operating in every major city, market and continent around the globe. 


WHEATSTONE CORPORATION offers engineering services in the field of hardware and software for the generation, control and distribution of multiple data signals over local and extended area digital networks. Let our sales engineers work with you to design your broadcast audio facility so it works the way you want it to. As Broadcast Audio Perfectionists, Wheatstone is up to the task, whether you need a simple two or three studio station, or are a broadcast conglomerate building a large regional complex with multiple stations and dozens and dozens of rooms.

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