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Wheatstone's products and studio systems are designed and built specifically for the demands of broadcasting. They cover a range from smaller single-station studios to large multi-studio, multi-station complexes with a million cross-points and dozens of mixers, talent stations, and elements connected across a region.

Wheatstone to Share an Emmy Award for AES67!

Wheatstone, along with others who helped develop AES67, will share an Emmy that is being awarded to the Audio Engineering Society!

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(from Radio World/TV Technology)

Audio Engineering Society and five co-winners will receive it during spring NAB Show.
Paul McLane
Jan 17, 2020

aes elects new leadership promo imageNEW YORK—The Audio Engineering Society will receive a Technical & Engineering Emmy Award for its work with audio over IP, sharing the award with six partners who were involved in developing the AES67 standard: ALC NetworX, Audinate, Kevin Gross, QSC, Telos Alliance and Wheatstone.

The award is for “Development of synchronized multichannel uncompressed audio transport over IP networks,” and will be given in a ceremony at the NAB Show at the Wynn Encore on Sunday, April 19. The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards actually are given for developments or standardization in engineering technologies that affect television.

AES67 is a protocol that established a standardized language for audio transport. AES noted that its AES67 standard for high-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability was introduced in 2013. It stated: “AES67 compliance allows audio content interoperability between the proprietary IP-based audio networking protocols developed by the Emmy co-winners: RAVENNA, Dante, Q-Sys, Livewire+ and WheatNet-IP.”

AES Fellow Kevin Gross led the AES67 Standards effort and is the chair of the AES Technical Committee on Network Audio Systems.

In the AES announcement of the award, Gross was quoted: “The improvement from audio networking born in the mid-1990s to new IP-based solutions emerged as a simultaneous invention from the honored companies. While collectively this represented a technical improvement, interoperability was not addressed until the AES initiated the X192 project on audio interoperability.”

He thanked the late Steve Church, Rich Zwiebel, Philip Lawo and Andreas Hildebrand as leaders of companies who “understood the potential for a standard to take audio networking to the next level,” and thanked then AES Standards Manager Mark Yonge for mentoring the process.

AES Executive Director Colleen Harper said AES67 “fundamentally changed the broadcast audio landscape and paved the way for recent similar developments for video.”

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Introducing Audioarts DMX WheatNet-IP Console

DMX16 RH 3QTR HIGH 3000pxWBWheatstone announced today that its DMX digital console technology will now be marketed under the Audioarts Engineering brand and become fully WheatNet-IP audio network compatible.

The DMX console’s mix engine provides direct connectivity into the WheatNet-IP audio network, a complete ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, accessories and virtual tools used in radio stations around the globe.

“WheatNet-IP’ing this console effectively brings Wheatstone’s Intelligent Network routing and control to stations on a budget, allowing them to automate functions they couldn’t approach before. This enables them to run leaner, more efficient operations overall, and opens a pathway to the new world of AES67 interoperability,” commented Jay Tyler, Wheatstone’s Director of Sales.

The console’s mix engine includes a built-in 5-port Ethernet switch. No external switch is required to create or join an existing WheatNet-IP system, making DMX one of the more affordable entry-level IP audio networked consoles on the market.

Learn More about the Audioarts DMX Console


RadioOne 2

KenKramerBy Dee McVicker

It was a classic broadcast engineer moment.

Kent Kramer, CE for Radio One’s cluster in Washington, D.C., had just picked up the company vehicle from the repair shop and was heading into the studios when I called to talk about the new addition for WTEM-AM and the Redskins radio network. 

In one breath, he is talking shop with a mechanic, and in the next, he’s telling me about designing and installing new studios for Radio One’s latest sports acquisition.So it goes, a typical day in the life of Kramer and the other 14 Radio One CEs who man regional clusters. 



Mediaworks 4

You've got to love Rube Goldberg machines. The kind where a cat nibbles on a piece of cheese, which triggers a marble to roll onto a spoon, and so on and so on. 

Of course, no one actually builds a complicated, deliberately overengineered system to perform a perfectly simple task unless it’s for fun or a school project. 

But it happens anyway, after years and layers of studio infrastructure. 

Meet Mediaworks, which is slowly but surely replacing layers of multi-generational technology with AoIP technology.


Fresh Wheat

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Video Spotlight: 365 days of studios from around the world

Customer appreciation tour 2018/19, put together by our Jay (Ken Burns) Tyler when he was perusing his photo collection and discovered just how prolific Wheatstone is in the broadcast world. See yourself in this video? If not, there's still time to get Wheatstone installed and be in next year's!

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Are you a ScreenBuilder or ConsoleBuilder power user? Register and log onto our Scripters Forum. This is a new meeting place for anyone interested in developing new screens and workflows for our WheatNet-IP audio network. Share scripts, screen shots and ideas with others also developing virtual news desks, control panels, and signal monitors.

You’ll find documents, starter scripts and a whole knowledge base available to you for making customized screens like those pictured.

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